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We are proposing a short two part survey to better understand your company .
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We feel that many of the questions we ask are fundamental to form correct expectations when moving into emerging markets. Depending on your history and on
your company culture you might have answers for all that we ask.

From our own direct experience over the years, a clear strategic framework is the fundamental compass to guide you through the peaks and troughs of your new
journey away from your home base.  
We would like to know more about you. Go to our
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  1. Do you currently rely on a regional channel partner                                        
  2. Do you currently rely on a regional sales agent ( individual)                                        
  3. Did you rely on a regional sales agent in the past                                        
  4. Do you have in your technical  team a Spanish or Portuguese speaking resource                                        
  5. Is your decision to expand in a new market final or still pending approval                                        
  6. Did you purchase any research material for background on the targeted countries                                        
  7. Are you selling your product in the region bundled with ecosystem partners                                        
  8. Do any of your sales team speak Spanish or Portuguese                                        
  9. Have you already expanded to other developing countries outside your home-base                                        
  10. Has a budget been allocated for the current FY  for new market development                                        
  11. Did you set a minimum expected return in the first year of new market investment                                        
  12. Do you have a fixed market share target and a growth target for new market                                        
  13. Do you have an existing pipeline of opportunities in the target region                                        
  14. Do you adopt AGILE SW development methodology                                        
  15. Do you track your prospects in a CRM tool such as                                        
  16. Is your development team decentralized in more than one location                                        
  17. Are you expanding in any other markets besides Latin America                                        
  18. Are you prepared -after budget allocation-to see the first return only after the first full FY                                          
Question :                                                                                                                                      1        2        3        4        5        
(chose 1 to 5)    
  1. Quantify ( approximately) your budget allocation for business development from 0$,50K,100K,150k,>200K
  2. Quantify ( approximately) your expected return in 1 year in a new market 0$,50K,100K,150k,>200K
  3. Quantify ( approximately) the specific investment for feature development to satisfy local requirements 0$,50K,100K,150k,>200K
  4. What is your perceived degree of product readiness for specific local deployment( Grade 1 far from ready to 5 fully  deployable)
  5. Quantify ( approximately) your marketing budget for Business Development in a new region (0,5K,20K,40K,>50K) (in USD)
  6. What is your current level of yearly sales from established markets (0, 500K,1M,5M,>10M)  (In USD)
  7. What is your current level of sales volumes growth year over year(0% or less,5%,10%,25%,>50%)
  8. What was the FY 1 level of sales in markets outside your home area (0$,50K,100K,150k,>200K) ( in USD)
  9. What has been your head count growth over the past FY (1 for 0 or negative,2 for 5 adds,3 for 10 adds,4  for 15 adds,5 for >20)
  10. What percentage of your revenues can be attributed to recurring sales and maintenance contracts (0%,5%,10%,15%,>20%)
The first part of our survey includes what we have traditionally asked to get to know our customers.
Companies with similar strategies to yours might ( or might not! ) have asked themselves the same set of questions

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The second  part of our survey will be useful to dimension your level of investment.
It will help us scope our services properly to match you expectations for results.
Are you a start-up company with urgent needs to scale globally?
Maybe you are an established technology supplier wanting to increase its exposure in certain markets?
You might be in a different category altogether .

You are focused on technology and we can help you in every step, from assessing your prospective customers' W.T.P. ( Willingness to pay) to adjusting your
solution to the target markets, to simply being your sales arm. Your choice.

A better understanding of who you are, what you bring and how you bring it  serves as groundwork for our future relationship and to uncover all the existing links (
product to product, market to market and ecosystem to ecosystem) that guarantee your success in a new area of the world

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