We operate in the region on several segments bringing   business development ,
market prospection and sales to our customers ,therefore we are constantly  in  
touch with prospects  that expose their plans and needs to us.

We are naturally focused on the particular solutions that we bring to a specific
prospect but we always hear the whole story and often detect demand for a range of
additional solutions ,improvements on existing architectures already in place and
intentions to swap out existing suppliers and introduce new ones.

Quite often local operators like to hear from us the latest and greatest from trade
show and worldwide events that we attend, where we scan the market.

Depending on the size of the operator we are sometimes their unofficial scout at
events such as NAB or IBC and have become a trusted advisor to quite a few players
in our market.

Whenever a spontaneous demand from our prospects can be linked to an existing
offering that we bring we most certainly do so and realize a sale for one of our

On many occasions, we would like to have an answer for the multiple requests that
we get...in terms of a solution to bring.

We are presenting the main areas where we are always detecting a high level of
interest - spontaneous demand.
If your company has a solution to satisfy customers in the
segments presented below or if  see something interesting,
let us have a chat and explore further . Just click on the
green arrow in the line of services or product you provide
and send us a message.
If you are simply interested  in sizing up the market , in order to decide on a future investment in our region or looking for synergies with other companies you know,
already operating in the region , we will show you a relatively easy entry point.

In any case, the path to your first sale might be shorter than you think, as we are normally providing  solution and we find ourselves in the privileged position of advising
operators who have bought from us and trust us already.

If your product and solution needs and integration process with other ecosystem elements we are already supplying, we will be happy to assist you in creating the
business case for the operator that includes the piece of the puzzle that your technology makes available.  

Remember: our company will never present two competitors´s solution to the same opportunity ( beyond the qualified lead level).
Opportunities by Verticals
If your company believes that your products and solutions should be sold by your inside sales team,  by your engineering team, and all you need from a traditional sales
force is the creation of meaningful sales conversations we can be ideally positioned to support you if you share with us enough insight on the technology you developed.

A meaningful sales conversation is one that needs to occur in the field , in the language and style of the local prospect, and we will carry it out for you

Poikilon will be a simple catalyst to create the ties between the highly specialized inside sales team you have and the prospects we are in contact with .

See our
METERED package and get in touch with us .