Our pledge to you
We will not offer our services outside the ecosystem
where we have consolidated core competencies
or for a scope we are not prepared to fulfill.
We will be open and frank :
we shall not offer our services  if we believe
your plan, your market target ,your offer
are incompatible  with the business environment .
We will not engage your prospect customers
with competing solutions from other vendors
beyond the qualified lead phase.
When you engage us formally to develop business
your pipeline at qualified opportunity level  
will be treated as exclusively yours.
We will always strive to chart the best course
for our customers to do business in the region.
We will always look for the best qualified resources
to support your business in our region.
If opportunities get canceled or leads are going cold
we will  inform you as soon as we know.
We are comfortable being your front end
with your name in your strategic interest.
We are equally comfortable operating
under our own brand if you so wish.