Large and small companies operate in Brazil.Its market is never too easy for large companies and never too difficult for small companies.

We work in a market that is extremely price sensitive where the entry barriers are the biggest obstacle to new ventures. Protectionism shelters locally
developed technologies with the help of a complicated bureaucracy, a convoluted legislative environment and a generally freewheeling approach.

Landing in our market  and doing business there may be quite far apart in time if the approach is not correct: real planning is about being able to
change your plan frequently and keeping your eyes on the ultimate goal of realising sales.

Once you are on the way to developing and expanding your customer bases   you might discover ways to capture value you did not imagine possible
Our mission is to take you where opportunities are in a focused  manner , supporting your company from strategic planning to execution.

A local channel partner is the key to gaining acceptance .Doing business in Brazil follows its own special human engagement rules and this is  where we
bring value to you. Familiarity with the decision process of your customers is as important as the nominal suitability of the technology you bring.
Our service portfolio is highly modular , based on three building blocks.

We establish a correspondence  to your level of engagement; from testing the market to a full corporate deployment,depending on your level of
investment : YOU will compose the package that best fists your needs.

Set your desired level of engagement; from testing the market to a full scale operations, every combination is possible.
Poikilon Service  Portfolio
Sales Module
Under the corporate support module we provide your company with a full,localized  corporate structure , dimensioned to
your needs in the market where you chose to operate We can hire the profiles you need on your behalf : they will be
Poikilon employees for line management .

We can liaise with your technology partners and help you optimize resource deployment.

We can scale up and just as quickly scale down, without burdening your home base payroll,
responding to shifting conditions.

You can select the specific deliverables you need , based on the strategy you plotted.
We work with a long established companies to provide you full corporate functions ,such as import, logistic, Tax advice .

We offer our  extensive experience   for logistics,legal,payroll management, marketing, tax and revenue repatriation -
an option to follow up successful business development and sales  or as a stand alone module for your unique needs.

We invite you to check once more the
services map page for details.
Corporate  Support Module
Get to know the market and its players, the technologies, the trends and  start making  contacts.
We are supporting  companies in your ecosystem  and we have a  clear idea on the approaches that work
to materialize results.

We will  familiarize  with your product/solution and we will contribute  by highlighting the importance of factors
you might have underestimated and by normalizing the impact of other factors you might have overestimated.

We will produce a complete picture , and qualify for you the opportunities on an individual basis.
Support your business case and guide your decision in investing time and resources .
See our  
services map where we describe the deliverables .
We have structured the first approach to the market to start from ground zero or to take over from some preliminary
work you have conducted on your own.

We develop an initial pipeline of contacts and leads and help you get a first assessment of traction for your product
and solution.

As an example, please download an extract of a  qualifying sheet we use for interactive TV prospects.
Find how where we operate. See some facts, trends and stats about our region. There are many ways of
looking at our territory but we make sure we capture and convey to you its most important human aspects .
Our business is services, that is people business. Big risk from afar is many times big opportunity on the
ground,to transform into revenue only if you know the rules of engagement .
See the ecosystem and its participants :tell us  where you fit in this constantly shifting family of technology
providers. Help us  to stay up to date on the state of the art ,challenge our vision !
We like to take your proven solution to our market and extend your success.
We are at the same time very enthusiastic in associating with radical rule breakers and innovators.
We share your dream for a great technology making every day´s life more enjoyable.
We work with a target in mind: bringing in sales. We intend to propose here our interpretation of the sales
steps as they are tied to the milestones of our engagement with you and with your prospects and customers.
To us, integrity as the most crucial aspect of doing business. All our employees and agents have taken the
Poikilon pledge. Our region is traditionally a challenging environment, rooted in a very different set of ethics
and  principles, many times opposite to your acceptable standards.
We started our company with the idea that it would be a seamless extension of your way of doing business,
ethical, honest,transparent, correct, respecting our employees and our customers in everything we do.
Your sales team and your account management   team in our region, quickly deployed  with highly skilled
Poikilon resources, responsive and fluent in your solution.

We report , negotiate, manage existing accounts fully in line with your methodology  as well as your policies.

Poikilon offers to conduct sales operations as well as product resale if necessary with its Lead to Closing module.

We will  be your agent in the region ( NOT your regional branch, though),allocating our resources to realize sales.
At the same time we develop the business on the lines identified and agreed with you.

You, as most other competitors and ecosystem partners of yours, will want to see sales results  before you extend
your  commitment in the region.
We provide to you a way to bridge the gap between sales and corporate establishment.

See  our
services map for detailed deliverables

During this initial time you might start feeling the need to establish some form of  presence in the region.
Business development Module