Recently, a restaurant owner from Texas came to a large south American city to set up two fast food stands at a music festival.
Over the course of two days, the booths,each manned by six well trained people , served 12000 portions, or more than one every 15 seconds while neighbouring stands
needed two to three minutes to serve customers, leading to long waiting lines (  lost revenue ).

Such efficiency was a welcome exception in that market. Simply following his well rehearsed procedures and methods and with extreme attention to its customers the
restaurant was an instant success.

What you bring , your approach,your vision,even your processes might already be the key to your success,beyond what you imagine and sometimes  to a higher degree
than even the technological content you propose.

Poikilon is your catalyst to get much more than just the technology accepted.

Sometimes, as they say, the secret is in the sauce and we have the recipe.
Territory, Population and selected indicators
Our region, Latin America, LATAM, sometimes referred to also as CALA ( Central And Latin America) , or LAM ,
It is a continent with a total population of around 600 million people,a vibrant mosaic of developing countries with its own unique business culture, two
main languages being spoken, a new frontier for many, a high risk and high return area for companies that penetrated its market and executed
correctly .

Take a bird's eye view of some indicators that give you a measure of the ground to cover , the opportunities and the difficulties to carry out business
transactions ( some are not completely illustrated in these numbers).
At certain points on planet Mercury's surface, an observer would be able to see the Sun rise part way, then reverse and set before rising again,  
all within the same Mercurian day.

This apparent retrograde motion of the Sun occurs because, from approximately four Earth days before perihelion until approximately four Earth days  after it,Mercury's
angular orbital speed exceeds its angular rotational velocity. Mercury's elliptical orbit is farther from circular than that of any other planet in our solar system, resulting in
a substantially higher orbital speed near perihelion.

Sounds complicated?
And yet the phenomenon occurs and the explanation exists.
Like the Sun from Mercury, regularly you will see excitement for your innovation, your product, your solution rise, fall and rise again
to stay above the horizon .

Poikilon is by your side always , helping you know the local rules , suggesting the right degree for your exposure and involvement.
Your returns are our ticket to renewed cooperation with you and many long term projects.

Do no retreat on a false sunset and do not engage on a steady sunrise . It is mercurial but we know its rules.
Do you know the rules of the game ?
Play by the rules
Broadband connections
Fixed broadband subscriptions refers to fixed subscriptions to high-speed access to the public Internet (a TCP/IP connection), at
downstream speeds equal to, or greater than, 256 kbit/s. This includes cable modem, DSL, fiber-to-the-home/building, other fixed
(wired)-broadband subscriptions, satellite broadband and terrestrial fixed wireless broadband. This total is measured irrespective
of the method of payment. It excludes subscriptions that have access to data communications (including the Internet) via
mobile-cellular networks. It should include fixed WiMAX and any other fixed wireless technologies. It includes both residential
subscriptions and subscriptions for organizations.
To a varying degree- and to a high level in Brazil- doing business in the country requires a high local component to be successful.
Rules and regulations are devised to favor local productions, local development, local implementation.

See for example the new regulations for video advertising:

For ads  produced by foreign companies or Brazilian companies controlled by foreign companies, CONDECINE taxation to the order of:
a.        US$ 60,775.00 for all audiovisual market segments

For ads produced by a Brazilian or Brazilian controlled company, significantly lower amounts are levied:
a.        US$ 1,085.00 for all audiovisual market segments

Read the complete regulatory frame for advertising

The importance and the savings brought about by a local entity and by a solid partner cannot be underestimated
Win with your tecnhologies - Win with your processes