We designed our service portfolio in modules, to match your needs.
At times  you will want something very specific, in the form of a certain set of deliverables : all this will be a function of your desired level
of engagement, your need for control and predictability in having operations far away from your corporate homeland.
For the  budget you have allocated to expand in a new market we have what you need.

To satisfy your needs, we open up  the individual steps in each of our service module :you can pick deliverables individually , choosing
from groups 1,2 and 3 and compose your own service scope.
It is  a-la-carte services with the assurance that you will get exactly what you need .

For the requested services Poikilon always supplies:

  • a quote
  • the relative matrix or responsibilities
  • a service agreement
  • the most flexible charging model
  • a binding  legal agreement
  • a non disclosure agreement (NDA)
Lead -to - closing    Sales Module
Full sales process  ( reporting based on Salesforce.com)

  •        target customer relationship management
  •        Integrator/Partner relationship management
  •        Technical specification drafting and discussion
  •        Liaise Poikilon customer with local target customer
  •        Local marketing and trade fairs participation
  •        Commercial and pricing negotiations
  •        Deal signature
  •        Local currency invoicing / revenue remittance
Map of services and Deliverables
Corporate function support
Establishment and maintenance of customer´s corporate functions in country

  •        Marketing support
  •        Local event participation
  •        Candidate search and selection support
  •        Expatriate personnel immigration support
  •        On demand payroll
  •        Intellectual Property protection
  •        IT and infrastructure set-up ,advanced demo set-up
  •        Certification process of imported products
Actionable sales funnel, up to qualified lead stage ( based on Salesforce.com)

  •        Identification of accounts and opportunities
  •        identification of contacts ,roles
  •        identification of possible integrators and desired partners
  •        Identification of opportunities for each specific account
  •        Dashboard reporting
  •        Email campaign based on  requested target funnel opportunities
  •        Technological risks assessment.  
Detailed product marketing report, specifying

  •        potential demand volumes ( assessed directly, not statistically),
  •        mapping of individual opportunities
  •        growth potential,
  •        list of recommended local technology partners  
  •        critical analysis of local events and trade fairs  
  •        S.W.O.T. analysis
  •        technological risks assessment,  
  •        local support need assessment
  •        local development or manufacturing need assessment,
  •        recommendations of local initiatives  for tax credits and development incentives
Initial Qualification : Business Development module